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Welcome 8th Grade Musicians to the Hinsdale South Marching Band!!!

On Wednesday, September 27th the Hinsdale South Marching Band welcomed middle school students from all of the junior high schools that feed into Hinsdale South. Students and parents got see the mighty Hornet Band perform their entire game night performance including entering the stadium to a drum cadence, a sideline performance, the National Anthem, The Hinsdale South Fight Song and their half time performance.

Middle Schoolers then were asked to come onto the field to warm up with the HSHS band. HSHS Band section leaders helped lead the warmups. All students were asked to learn two songs, one of which was the Hinsdale South Fight Song.

Mr. Matt Goeke did a wonderful job of instructing the 8th graders on how to stand and come to attention as well as helping conduct all of the middle schoolers and the HSHS to perform two song together. Parents and students walked away with lots of important information about the Hinsdale South Band program.

Thank you all who came out to help celebrate our wonderful music program and helping it to continue to grow.

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