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NYC Day 4 --Broadway Imagined, Chelsea Pier & Little Island, Coming Home.

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

We went to Broadway Imagined.

Got to see Jordan Litz who performed as Fiyero in the production of Wicked we saw the night before. He actually was an swimmer who tried out for the Olympics. He didn't go to school for musical theatre and didn't get into musical theater until his 30s.

We also saw Rachel Webb who performs in Anne & Juliet. She went to school for musical theatre.

They gave lots of advice for performing.

Water. Staying fit. How to control nerves!

We also got to talk to Adam Laird who is a musical director for Book of Mormon. He also worked on Wicked.

It was interesting to hear that musicians that perform in the pit for musicals negotiated to have flexible schedules so they can also perform in other bands and orchestras.

The kids loved this closer encounter!

Afterwards we got on the buses and drove to Chelsea pierwhich used to be an Oreo plant. Inside there was many artisan shops and cute places to eat.

After we ate we went to Little Island which is really unique because it is built on pier pillars. Hard to explain. But the sun felt good.

On our way back to the bus we walked along the High Line. It is an old elevated train track that has been turned into a trail.

We currently are at the airport heading through security. Stay tuned for more pictures.

We are tired but we had so much fun!

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