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Chicago - Home Sweet Home!

4 Action Packed Days! We travel by plane, boat, foot and two types of bus!

Mr. Goeke shared some pictures from the news coverage of the parade we got from home! Thank you!

Remember if you have pictures from the trip to share them with the Music Department Media Dropbox. Mr. Goeke sent the link home today. You can also upload your pictures to the Bob Rogers App if you have it on your phone.

We had so much fun in NYC and we learned a lot.....

  1. Mustaches are in!

2. Until they are not.....

3. Students had mixed reviews of Times Square. It definitely left an impression!

4. Students didn't have much downtime, but when they did, they were creative with their time.

5. Broadway is Magical!

6. Islands can float.......Little Island, NYC

7. The NYC Christmas tree is set up Veteran's Day weekend.

8. NYC Birds are annoying while eating lunch...

9. Everyone needs a nap to survive a band trip.

10. Fun was had and life long memories were made.


A student talked to Matt Goeke in the LaGuardia airport. The student said thank you so much for the amazing trip and then immediately asked when the band will able to do another trip.

Be sure to support the Hinsdale South Music Boosters so we can continue to help provide opportunities for students!

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