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NYC Trip -- Day 3 --Parade Day -- Part 2

Our day started at 630....... It ended at 12am.

How much can you pack into one day? Well we did as much as you possibly could.

We marched in a parade and looked amazing. The Hornet Marching band may be small, but it is for sure a class act. Mr. Goeke, Ms. Toughy, Ms. Mohammed and all of the HSHS music staff did an amazing job preparing the mighty Hornets.

Watch the Hornets HERE. This is news footage along the parade route. You can see the band around the 59 minute mark.

After the parade, we navigated the city to our busses, with all of the instruments, which was about 1/2 mile away. Walking through crowds with drums and tubas was an experience!

Once on the bus, everyone changed and ate lunch. After lunch many went to the Nintendo store to check it out. We also got to see a little more of the city.

Eventually we took a bus tour which also included a walking tour through Central Park. It was a beautiful fall day.

After our tour we went to the pier and boarded a boat for a night time cruise, dinner and dancing.

After dinner we were dragging a bit.

But we rallied to watch Wicked on Broadway.

It was an amazing performance! Stay tuned to see what adventure tomorrow holds.

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